Monday, June 15, 2009

6 months Raw


As I stated in January, I decided that I would try eating MORE raw food than steamed or cooked vegetables, with the exceptions of some veggies being better blended or cooked for nutrient absorption, one exasmple being tomato cooked so that I can get more Lycopene. I noticed differences in my skin, my digestion has been the best it's ever been in my life (green smoothies helped here a lot), I also noticed more energy. I have no intention of going fully 100% Raw, this is neither practical for me, or nececsary in my opinion. I notice that some foods tend to help my skin more than others, as in I will notice the effect by the next day. I find thatthat blueberries, Mango and pineapple help a lot and I see the effects within the next day. However it doesn't matter what you eat if you don't get enough sleep. Probably one of the most important things in keeping skin fresh.

I'm going to continue with the Green Smoothies, Seriously, I cannot get over just how amazing the green smoothie I have tastes (see the post just below). I did have some people express their opinion about glucose spikes and stuff while drinking the smoothies. I don't it will be a problem... I'm getting loads of fibre, protein and fat at the same time. So we'll see on my next round of blood tests. Then that will be the basis for my decision to continue with the smoothies or let go. Right now its incredibly convenient because you can take them to work, to friends, or even take them out with you to drink during the day in flask or whatever

So anyway today I just had a mostly relaxing day, done a bit of work in the garden, and noticed the tomato plants have flowers on them now. Unfortunately I might have to spray them, and I'll do another post on that. I also just compiled for my other CR website a bunch of photos from my ad lib to CR to CR:RAW which I'll share just below.

I'm also now consistently doing yoga 4-5 days a week for 45 minutes per session. I'm really working hard on this to get all my flexibility back. Hopefully it's not going to take to long. Some days when I don't feel like doing Yoga I just simply think about what I can achieve later on, and this drives me to just DO IT, and stop making excuses why I shouldn't. So far so good, I'm progressing well already :) When I get good I'll be happy to post some photos and/or videos of that. But since I'm still new to it myself that wont be for quite a while.




Lindy said...

I agree that the ideal diet should consist of lots and lots of raw vegetables, although certain cooked vegetables should also be included for maximum overall nutrient absorption. Smoothies, or blended salads, are great for helping the body with the breaking down and assimilation of nutrients, but I have started adding the blueberries whole to mine lately, with a squeeze of lemon, to try and regulate glucose spikes. Have you read any of the books by Dr Joel Fuhrman (Eat to Live, etc)? His simple approach makes the most sense by far. You seem to look younger every year, by the way!

Michael Crosby said...

Thanks Matt. I'm new to this CR stuff, but highly believe in it.

I want to get around to actually measuring how many calories I take in on a daily basis. It looks like a lot of work.

I'm going to get into this smoothie drinking. It seems like a good idea to make a big drink and have it with me as I go thoughout my day.

Keep it up Matt, you're an inspiration.

Vince said...

I've tried going fully raw before, though it didn't really work out (I wasn't enjoying it). Nowadays, I prefer a mixture of raw (in the form of salads) and boiled vegetables though, and I drink the vegetable water so as to not waste the nutrients. I've had to quit using the blender as it used a plastic jug that contains bisphenol (BPA) which is toxic...meaning no more smoothies...until I get a glass version. I'm also a bit skeptical about blended smoothies in a way as you are greatly increasing exposure of the ingredients to the air, which may increase oxidation rate and thus deactivating the antioxidants in it. Though I might be wrong on this part. As for the glucose spikes, I would usually drink smoothies in between meals to balance it out, and never on its own, as from past experience during sugar rushes, I could feel my arteries and veins burning up as if they were about to blow...literally.